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Hanging plants in the terrace



Adding plants into your home not only beautify but helps in removing some of the toxins in the air inside and outside your home. Giving out fresh oxygen and eliminate harmful carbon dioxide in the environment, thus making our space more healthier to live on.


We are living in the city and having a big spacious lawn is out of the question unless you are a millionaire that can afford such a big space, which we are not. Even if we want to plant various fruit bearing trees, space is always the problem, so we just make do of what is available for us.  Growing small plants, veggies and decorative plants in plant boxes and pots like in the photos is the only option.

Here are the plants in my small terrace, to occupy all available space I made hanging plants, all real , no fake or made of plastics plants in the house for me, lol. These made our surroundings green and relaxing, just staring all the greens around make us proud with our efforts in taking care of them plus the fruits of our labor when we harvest fresh and organic veggies from our urban garden. Same feeling when you find the best chorus pedal for your kid’s guitar.


Harvests from our Urban Garden

Urban Garden

Everything is possible when you put your heart into it.

We have a small vacant area in our yard and hubby is very much into gardening as his hobby. He loves to plant veggies and small fruit-bearing trees. We didn’t have a big place or wide areas with soil, mostly were cemented floors. So no other choice but to use containers or big pots in our front and backyard. He also used the vacant lot with the permission of the homeowners’ officers in the covered basketball court just in front of our house. He makes plots for his plants and when harvest time, gives some to people in the neighborhood.


Here are some of the vegetables and fruits we have harvested, his favorite is ampalaya (bitter gourd) while mine is the honey melon which I made into a refreshing drinks on my kitchen blog. 🙂  Aside from the produce above, we also have okra, radish, finger chili, bell pepper, onion springs , pechay (bokchoy), siling labuyo.

Even if we didn’t have the big space we want, we made it possible to produce the food we love, not only it saves us some money but we are sure that all we eat are organic as we didn’t use any chemicals as fertilizers or insecticides which we cannot say about the food we buy in the market today. Plus the joy we felt when we reap the fruit of our labor.


Urban Gardening

urban gardening

This is a vacant space at the covered court in our subdivision, this used to be filled dry leaves and other debris. When the new elected officials of the subdivision took over, they had the place cleaned, with tall grasses cut and cleared. My husband who is into planting as his new hobby, suggested to the new officers if it’s okay to turn this idle land into something more useful and they easily agreed. So with the help and cooperation of everybody they started to cultivate the soil and plant some vegetable seeds. My hubby put markers in every plot with names of the plants they have planted. While the security guards manning the vicinity made sure nobody will roam around the garden and destroy the plants.


Now some of these were already bearing veggies for everyone to cook and eat. Above are some of the vegetables we already harvested.


Even my 10-yr. old grandson has his own plot for his sunflower plants from the seeds given at their school.

What a beautiful sight to see with all those greens with vegetables hanging in there. Where all perseverance and hard work got paid off. Not only these are free but also pure organic as well as they didn’t use any chemicals for fertilizers, only compost from vegetable scraps were mixed to the soil.

With this experience, I’m contemplating if this project can be doable to all idle and vacant lands not only in private subdivisions but to all available spaces in the city, and teach the children and young adults to participate in this kind of program and the importance of planting. They will not only save money in food but also helped in the environment by planting and reducing the destruction of ozone layer that results in the climate changes happening now.

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