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Christmas and New Year is to be with the Family


Christmas is the most important event in a year for us,  it’s not only the season of giving but more specially the season of togetherness. to spend this in the company of our loved ones,  our family.  People based in other countries make an effort to come back in their homeland to join relatives and friends in the celebration. And because New Year is just a week away from Christmas, both holidays are looked forward and most awaited as a chance to be with family and friends.

Family gatherings and reunions are everywhere,  long lost family members and friends got to see and meet each other again after so many years,  no amount of money can replace the happiness it brings to everyone.

For me, having my whole family beside me during this wonderful season is more than enough to celebrate and commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, Christmas without them will not be complete.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from our family to yours and lets pray that the coming will be full of hope, peaceful and prosperous with better things to come. 


New Year, Healthier Lifestyle

It’s a brand new year and time to plan for a healthier lifestyle. Most of us gained additional pounds after the non-stop holiday feasts we had last month and this is the right time to start watching our food intakes. Avoid too much fatty and sweet food and make it a point to burn  those excess weight by exercising regularly. Some will resort to dieting but I don’t recommend it, eat what you like but always in moderation, anything that is too much is bad. And speaking of healthy diet, more  and more people became aware of the benefits of fruits and vegetable, some could eat bitter raw apricot kernels to ensure that  they can maximize the benefits of those fruits and vegetables. While others prefer the now popular juicing technique to cleanse the body of  toxins to prevent future illness..

Inside my Wallet

What’s inside my wallet? Well actually besides the few bills, IDs, credit card and old peso bills (with no legal tender value) there is one unique thing that been hiding there for years. A red Chinese envelope or Ang Pao with one folded paper bill within. I got this idea when I watched the former Mel and Jay show where they presented some of the traditions in the Chinese New Year which I applied for the regular New Year we have. This one is keeping a paper bill inside a red envelope and put it inside your wallet or bag or anywhere where you always keep your money. This will serve as your lucky charm,  believed to attract money vibes and you will never run out of money.

This start of the year, I changed the old bill as it will be phased out in two years time because of the new bank notes issued since last year. It said you have to fold the paper bill into a cone-shape packet with no opening at the bottom, more like to hold what ever you’ll put inside (the grace won’t spill-out, that’s my understanding.. lol) Anyways, it’s just a belief and there’s no harm in following such tradition which I do. And another advantage is if I accidentally run out of money it is always there within my reach for the taking.  🙂

(sabi nga: “pag may isunuksok, may madudukot“)

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