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Our singing Christmas tree

December is here the happiest month for me, not only because of the coming holiday season but is also my birth month which falls exactly on Christmas day. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s time to take out all theย  decors from the storage and set it up to feel the holiday season. It was the kids who kept on insisting to start decorating as they are all the ones that are more excited, well who won’t be, lol..

Our Christmas tree

Our singing Christmas tree

Anyways, I had the Christmas tree set up, but checked first all the lights if these were still working, unfortunately we had to discard one that we used last year on the tree and replaced it with the one we use on the window, this one is quite old but still very much in good condition. It plays Christmas medleys as it light up the tree, a two in one function. The tree is placed in the terrace, so at night when I want to relax, I just sit there, watch the twinkling lights and listen to the music, mesmerizing the joyful moments that holiday season brings from the time I was a little child and the happiness it’s giving to my children and will be giving to the children of my children and hopefully up to the next generations to come.

Listening to the Christmas carols played with roland rd 700 is also wonderful to the heart.


Tis the season to be Jolly…

Two days to go and it’s Christmas time, the happiest moment in my life, not only because it’s the birth of Jesus Christ that is being celebrated in the Christiandom but also happens to be my birthday..haha


Happy memories from childhood days when every Christmas eve, me and my siblings will hang my father’s socks (because these were the biggest socks in the house, lol) by the window and go to sleep as we know that when we woke up there will be something in the socks. At the strike of 12 midnight, my parents will wake us up for our Noche Buena consists of pan americano or sliced bread, ham, hotdogs, salami, hot chocolate keso de bola and some fruits like apple, grapes and oranges, these are the traditional food at the Christmas feast table and very affordable at that time ๐Ÿ™‚ . Continue reading

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