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My Calamansi tree – Urban gardening


One of the fruit and vegetable plants we have, most of them are in a container since we don’t have space for soil gardening, this is why I so envied those with bigger land with so many space to plant, lol.

Anyway, here is my Calamansi plant bearing fruits – Calamansi is a local citrus fruit abundant in tropical countries like us. It can be used as dip in different dishes, a condiment and as juice which is very good source of Vitamin C specially when you have colds. It tasted like lime, very sour with a tint of sweetness, so you need to add sugar or honey when making juice.

I love that it’s bearing fruits now, a fruit of hard work and perseverance, a labor of love.. we have three small trees, two are in a container (old pails) and the bigger one is planted directly to the soil. The two in the small containers are both dwarf variety and in just a year is already producing fruits abundantly while the big one, are just few maybe because it wasn’t old enough to bear fruits like the other two, anyway, seeing it bear fruits though not as much has made me happy as well, yey!

In the coming days because it’s their season, I’m seeing lots and lots of calamansi in my fridge and to preserve them for future use, I already exacted juices from my harvests, put in a container and stored in the freezer to prevent it from going bad. 🙂 I’m so happy right now just by looking at the pictures of our plants, all the hard work had paid off as if I’ll be shopping at the guitar center today. lol




Harvests from our Urban Garden

Urban Garden

Everything is possible when you put your heart into it.

We have a small vacant area in our yard and hubby is very much into gardening as his hobby. He loves to plant veggies and small fruit-bearing trees. We didn’t have a big place or wide areas with soil, mostly were cemented floors. So no other choice but to use containers or big pots in our front and backyard. He also used the vacant lot with the permission of the homeowners’ officers in the covered basketball court just in front of our house. He makes plots for his plants and when harvest time, gives some to people in the neighborhood.


Here are some of the vegetables and fruits we have harvested, his favorite is ampalaya (bitter gourd) while mine is the honey melon which I made into a refreshing drinks on my kitchen blog. 🙂  Aside from the produce above, we also have okra, radish, finger chili, bell pepper, onion springs , pechay (bokchoy), siling labuyo.

Even if we didn’t have the big space we want, we made it possible to produce the food we love, not only it saves us some money but we are sure that all we eat are organic as we didn’t use any chemicals as fertilizers or insecticides which we cannot say about the food we buy in the market today. Plus the joy we felt when we reap the fruit of our labor.


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