Ariel Wash Your Fears Summit – Be Brave Be Fearless


Meet 100 fearless Filipinas who gathered together last Oct. 11, 2016 in Ariel Wash Your Fears Summit to share inspiring stories how they overcame their fears and succeeded in pursuing their dreams.  Ariel the world’s leading detergent honors them for their courage to face obstacles and be an inspiration to other women who like them experience the same anxieties to deal with in their everyday lives.


The event aims to demonstrate Ariel’s ability to remove 100 stains in 1 wash through symbolic washing away of fears by the 100 Fearless Filipinas. The gathering pays tribute to all Filipinas who continue to strive to improve the lives of their families and their communities. Ariel recognizes the journey to success is often stained by roadblocks that test one’s strength, dedication and commitment yet Filipinas are known to stand up from fall, wash their fears away and bravely face the world.

The Wash your Fears Summit seals Ariel’s commitment to clean 100 stains in 1 wash. The power in every wash leads to a worry-free laundry experience, allowing women to have time for themselves and for the people around them.


“Empowering Filipinas is at the core of what Ariel stands for, and we continue to find ways to drive conversations that can inspire more Filipinas to succeed in life. Ariel recognizes that Filipinas today are now fearless in seeking new opportunities to propel them forward in life. This summit  for women celebrates 100 fearless Filipinas who have demonstrated that fears are just stains that we have to be brave enough to remove. Be fearless like Ariel – tested and proven to remove 100 stains in 1 wash,” said Louie Morante, Regional Communications Manager for Fabric & Home care, Procter & Gamble Southeast Asia.



Like any ordinary woman/mother, I too have many fears that kept me sleepless at night and that is the safety of my family. What can be more painful than losing someone you love from sickness or accident. I pray to God night and day to protect them wherever they go and get home safe and sound. Listening to these fearless ladies strengthened my faith and encourage me to be more resilient and positive that everything will be alright.



Our Fearless ladies shared their own fears but these didn’t stop them from pursuing their goals in life and on the contrary encourages them more to get the things they want and successfully did.


Women at work, writing on the white shirts their fears using different staining ingredients.


Our fearless ladies washing the stained t-shirts on Samsung washing machine with ARIEL detergent


Voila… Here are the finished products – all the shirts sparkling white with no trace of stains, stains all gone with one wash with Ariel… amazing!


Ariel – the world’s leading detergent and epitome of superior stain removal, introduces its newest stain removal formulation – the new Ariel Power Gel. A departure front the usual practice of using powder detergent, the new Ariel Power Gel elevates and improves on the way you do laundry. it addresses major stain problems with its ultra- concentrated gel, which allows you to use less detergent for better results. With its optimized new formulation with a higher level of active ingredients, Ariel power gel has the power to remove 100 stains in 1 wash!

Remove 100 stains in 1 wash and be fearless in facing any challenge that might come your way with the new Ariel, now available in supermarkets nationwide. More information can be found on www.facebook/arielphilippines or follow conversation online with the #Ariel100Stainsin1Wash hashtag.



Hanging plants in the terrace



Adding plants into your home not only beautify but helps in removing some of the toxins in the air inside and outside your home. Giving out fresh oxygen and eliminate harmful carbon dioxide in the environment, thus making our space more healthier to live on.


We are living in the city and having a big spacious lawn is out of the question unless you are a millionaire that can afford such a big space, which we are not. Even if we want to plant various fruit bearing trees, space is always the problem, so we just make do of what is available for us.  Growing small plants, veggies and decorative plants in plant boxes and pots like in the photos is the only option.

Here are the plants in my small terrace, to occupy all available space I made hanging plants, all real , no fake or made of plastics plants in the house for me, lol. These made our surroundings green and relaxing, just staring all the greens around make us proud with our efforts in taking care of them plus the fruits of our labor when we harvest fresh and organic veggies from our urban garden. Same feeling when you find the best chorus pedal for your kid’s guitar.


Technology and Physical activities


Image courtesy of Ambro and Image courtesy of photostock at

Image courtesy of Ambro and Image courtesy of photostock at

This generation of technology where gadgets and online games prevailed with young and adults’ attention became preoccupied and unaware of what is happening in their surroundings and lessen interactions with family and friends, which is not healthy. Don’t let this happen to our family specially the kids, technology is good but don’t let it rule our world. Teach the children something that can tap their creativity and discover hidden talent and at the same time sustain rapport with everybody. Sports, singing or playing musical instruments are some of the things we can recommend as activities for them to begin with. Playing outdoor games/sports will make them fit and healthy, while innate talents like singing and playing musical instruments like guitar will develop their self confidence that could help them in the future.

Balance is the key to make this world a better place to live in, we can do technology and at the same time be physical.

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