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How to Make Hiring a CPA More Affordable


Many people are wary of hiring a Honolulu CPA because they don’t think that the expense is worth it. In reality, hiring a reputable CPA to help you do your taxes or manage your accounting often saves you a substantial amount of money. Get the most out of your relationship with your CPA with the following tips.

Stick with the same CPA
Once you’ve found a CPA that you like, continue to hire the same individual year after year. Having a CPA who is familiar with your financial situation increases the odds of him quickly spotting major changes or large discrepancies.

Stay organized
Most CPAs charge by the hour. Doing some of the legwork ahead of time can save you quite a bit on the CPA bill. For example, if you make a large number of charitable donations each year, provide your CPA with a basic spreadsheet that lists the donations alongside more detailed documentation.

Don’t make assumptions
For example; maybe you gift your grandchildren money at the holidays each year. For the past five years, the amount that you’ve chosen hasn’t triggered a gift tax. Don’t assume that you can increase the gift amount to compensate for inflation without triggering the gift tax. Consult with your CPA to get the most up to date information.

Talk to your CPA before making major purchases
CPAs are familiar with tax credits and other breaks that you may be able to get by purchasing certain items. Sometimes buying one model over another similar model (i.e. hybrid car) or waiting to make a large purchase until the next calendar year comes with significant savings.

Follow your CPA’s financial advice
A strong accountant will help you establish and maintain sound financial practices so that you maximize your non-taxable income and pay the least amount of tax through legal methods. Adhere to their suggestions to make the most of your earnings.

Finally, remember that the best CPA-client relationships are built on trust. Lying to your CPA only hurts your chances of getting money back on a tax return or ending the fiscal year with savings. A CPA will never share your information. Being forthcoming, even about sensitive details such as gambling losses or embarrassing medical procedures will help your CPA figure out the best way to claim expenses and report earnings.

How To Make A Worker’s Compensation Claim

on the job injuries

There are many times when the workers compensation claim for a normal worker is not handled well. The people who are managing the workers comp at the job site for the employee may not understand the program, and it is possible that worker will be out of work while their employee is not paying. The worker needs assistance or an advocate to make sure that they are getting the money they need to go on with their life or get back to work from the injury.

The Work Time

The worker has to work with their advocate to make sure that they can prove that they were on the clock when they were hurt. Most people do not realize that they need to be on the clock because their employer can say that they were not working when they were hurt. The advocate can find these records, and the advocate can make sure these records are used to make the case.

The Bills

The medical bills and short term leave that are needed to make the case are all very important. The bills must be shown to prove that the worker has sought out medical help. This medical help is what workers comp is supposed to pay for, but the worker must show that they incurred expenses.

They can use these bills to get remunerated for the visits, and they can show that they have suffered. The doctor may also submit a memo saying that the worker is not able to go to work. This same doctor is the person who will allow the worker to go back to work. The goal of the worker should be to go back to work, but the employer must hold up their end of the bargain.

The best way for workers to get all the money they need to get back to health is to work with someone who is going to advocate for them and their worker’s comp claim. There are many times when the advocate can get these claims to go through so that the worker will be able to get back to work and life.

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