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Online Discount Coupons

I sent my son yesterday to buy new notebooks for our school boy and other office supplies needed for the shop. Though not that many as we only need book paper for our printing services and blank cd’s, but we always buy in bulk to get a discount and save on time and fare going here and there. Since I started using the internet on purchasing items, I am thinking if I could also use office depot coupons to save more and with no hassle of going to an office and school supplies stores just like I did when I won an e-gift certificate from one online store and use it in buying a cellphone for my son. It’s nice to know that even online stores offer the same discount coup0ns as it’s offline counterparts. With 20%-50% discount that will be a big savings on any consumer’s side.

Food trip

Food trip during my son’s birthday, we just decided to eat out and celebrate privately.

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