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About Movavi Video Converter For Mac

Movavi converter

If you want a want a video convertor for your Mac at a reasonable price then Movavi’s Mac video converter is just the right product for you. The software can convert files very fast due to the SuperSpeed conversion technology. The software also lets you perform certain basic editing functions.

The features of the Movavi Mac video converter are listed below:

  • It allows conversion of audio, video and even image files to any of their most common file formats
  • You will also be able to extract audio from video files in MP3 format and after that, using the audio converter, you’ll be able to convert the MP3 file to any other supported audio format.
  • The software enables you to adjust the audio of any video file.
  • Using this software you’ll be able to create slideshow videos of images on your computer. The software will also let you create GIF images from video files.
  • The video converter will let you synchronize a file created using the software with iTunes.
  • You’ll be able to improve the quality of a video using the preset filters that comes with the software. It also lets you add titles to your videos. The video converter enables you to trim videos and you’ll also be able to flip videos horizontally or vertically.
  • The software comes with presets for many popular smartphones and tablets.
  • Many new codecs are supported in the current version of the Movavi Mac Video Converter.
  • The user interface of the software is so simple that even someone with no prior experience of using video converter will not have any difficulty using it.
  • The software has SuperSpeed conversion technology due to which the time required for a file conversion to take place is almost equal to the time required for copying the file to some other destination.
  • The quality of a converted video file stays the same as that of the original.
  • The presets ensure that a converted file is of highest quality compatible with the specified device.

You’ll be able to convert a video file to any other format using Movavi Mac video converter by following the steps given below:

  • First off you’ll have to install the software on your computer. You’ll have to double click the downloaded installation file and follow the necessary instructions that appear on the installation wizard.
  • Then you’ll have to click the “Add Video” option located on the top left corner of the program window and select the file video file to be converted.
  • Then you’ll have to click “Convert to” and select the required file format and in case you can’t find it on the list, click “Devices” and select the device you’ll be viewing the converted video in. If you’ll only view the converted video on a computer then click “video and audio formats” and then choose the video format.
  • You can choose a location in which the video will be saved after conversion otherwise the output video will be saved in “Movavi Library”. You also have the option of saving a converted video in the same folder the original file is in.
  • After you have chosen the place where the converted file will be saved, click on “convert” for starting the conversion.

Solar Power, the answer to our looming energy crisis

Due to the looming energy crisis, a lot of questions have been raised all around. Specially surrounding the so-called emergency powers that the President needs to undertake. But would that really resolve the repetitive questions and the follow up inquiries that everyone have on their minds? Skepticism is bountiful on that note and it leaves no answers at all.

To a Titanic problem, sometimes it means tackling the minute. How about we begin to answer that question on a level where each and everyone can do something instead of waiting for an answer that might never come. What do I mean? Why with Solar Panels of course! Now we have heard of solar panels before and like myself, I am sure you are thinking that it can get pretty expensive. Well it can be. If you are thinking of lighting a mansion or a building. Yes, that is expensive.

Introducing SOLARgrid:


Solar Techno Design Solutions, Inc. is a provider of fully-integrated cost -effective solar energy solutions. Did I say cost-effective? Yes, I did. A home grown company put up in December 2012, they are on the goal of introducing the use of solar panels in the Philippines via their brand SOLARgrid. And why not? We have the sun on 300 plus days so best to take advantage of the natural source to continuously provide light energy. They offer a wide range of cost-efficient solar panels, pumping systems and other products, please visit their website for more in-depth information on the technical side as I’m not that

Solar Grid is a provider of solar generator systems for households, commercials and industrial projects. Dedicated to popularizing the use of solar energy as an alternative, cost-effective, renewable energy solution in the Philippines, Solar Grid is committed to providing valued customers with a wide range solar components that can be customized to best suit their electrical needs, preferences, and budget.

solar products

Solar generator and solar pump

Some of the projects done by Solar Grid:

solar projects

Solar projects

The experts behind SolarGrid

The experts behind SolarGrid

I am starting now. Maybe not with a full panel yet as there are wide varieties of small items that I can begin with such as solar lamps, chargers, radio, even small fans that you can buy and store so you know you will never worry about black outs as they happen. Through their SUNERGIZE brand which by the way are available online at Lazada Online Mall, check it out here:



So how about you, do you think this is the best solution for your ballooning electric bills? Coz I did, being a clean environment advocate, I know it’s a win-win situation both for me and our mother earth.

For more updates about Solar Grid products, follow them at their Twitter account: @solargridph
and Facebook page: