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Solar Lamp find from Lazada

solar lamp

After long hours of no electricity for three consecutive days as a result of the havoc brought by the latest strong typhoon that visited the country, it made me think of looking for better alternative besides the rechargeable lamp we are using today. Since power interruptions could last for many days and the possibility of battery power drain is inevitable, there will be no way to charge the lamp. Using candles to light the house is a big no no as much as possible because of the risks and danger that comes with it. The only solution I can find is to buy a Solar lamp where I can use the abundant source from the sun. It minimizes the danger and the power will be continuous with or without electricity.

I saw one in Ace Hardware in SM Mall but they only have one kind which I didn’t like. Thank goodness LAZADA Online Shopping Mall have them here in various styles and brands. No more worrying where to buy this stuff and the prices are budget-friendly.

If only solarĀ  panels are more affordable for mid-income earners like us, then we didn’t have to worry about the sky-rocketing electric bills and can take advantage of the free source of energy that nature gave us and in return, we can keep mother earth happy and clean.

Updates: Sale sale sale!!!

Lazada is cooking something up for all of you that involves huge discounts and the best deals they can offer. There will also be a launch of new brands and models at unbelievable prices. All these are happening on November 11! Also, We are launching a flash sale for xiaomi next Thursday at noon without registration.


Replacement Parts For Tools and Equipment

Buying new tools and machines is not always the best option when older equipment could be repaired. Many people are simply not willing to make an effort to find replacement parts for various types of power tools and machinery. The truth is that such parts could be easily purchased online instead of a local hardware store. After buying the parts, it’s a good idea to bring a broken tool or piece of equipment to a hardware shop. For an affordable rate, some tools and machines could be fixed with the right types of replacement parts. Sometimes, it’s also a good idea to just upgrade old tools and equipment for better performance.

home machine repairs

Manufacturers of tools often publish detailed manuals that describe the type of replacement parts that are compatible. In general, original components should be used to make repairs and upgrades. However, some parts are considered universal and they could be applied to different brands of power tools and light machinery. Trying to find snow blower parts online is an example of repairing heavy duty machinery.

Sometimes, some lubrication can improve the performance of any power tool or heavy duty equipment. Mechanical parts that move need to be lubricated with the proper oil grade on a regular basis. The oil reduces friction between all of the moving components. Additionally, lubricants also absorb heat that is generated when a tool of machine is turned on. Some common replacements for power tools usually involve fasteners and small components such as springs and belts.


Storing Tools Is Serious Business

work tools

Storing and caring for expensive tools in a shop or at home is a very important part of the process of being a craftsman or a mechanic. The tools that help to perform jobs are the backbone of the business and the craft itself. From the auto shop to the home workbench, when tools are not properly taken care of, they simply do not work as well as they should.

Keeping tools organized and ensuring that they are always in a place that is relatively dry and cool will help the craftsman to ensure that each tool will work the minute it is picked up to be used. Many people don’t realize that tools must be babied so that they will last a long time, and that is why they have no invested in tool boxes that help to organize and keep tools safe.

First, tools must be kept in a place that is cool and dry. In spaces like this, tools will not rust or begin to corrode because there is no moisture. Also, the lower temperature will allow the tools to keep their same shape. Very cold temperatures will make tools lock up while hot temperatures will make tools loosen up and become almost useless. Meanwhile, the toolbox itself helps to prevent moisture and air from getting inside. Storing the tools in a nice tool box is not for show at all. The best craftsman knows that they must keep their tools in a place that is going to keep the tools safe and in the right environment.

The investment in a proper tool box may also go to the organization of the whole shop. Some people use tools that are so large that there is almost no place to put them. Rather than simply throwing the tools in a box and hoping that they are alright or hanging them on the wall, large tool boxes can be installed to ensure every tool has its place.

Every craftsman should endeavor to learn more about how their workshop can be better organized. Click here to find out the best way to store and care for tools that should last a lifetime.

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