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Christmas and New Year is to be with the Family


Christmas is the most important event in a year for us,  it’s not only the season of giving but more specially the season of togetherness. to spend this in the company of our loved ones,  our family.  People based in other countries make an effort to come back in their homeland to join relatives and friends in the celebration. And because New Year is just a week away from Christmas, both holidays are looked forward and most awaited as a chance to be with family and friends.

Family gatherings and reunions are everywhere,  long lost family members and friends got to see and meet each other again after so many years,  no amount of money can replace the happiness it brings to everyone.

For me, having my whole family beside me during this wonderful season is more than enough to celebrate and commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, Christmas without them will not be complete.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from our family to yours and lets pray that the coming will be full of hope, peaceful and prosperous with better things to come. 


Our singing Christmas tree

December is here the happiest month for me, not only because of the coming holiday season but is also my birth month which falls exactly on Christmas day. 🙂 It’s time to take out all the  decors from the storage and set it up to feel the holiday season. It was the kids who kept on insisting to start decorating as they are all the ones that are more excited, well who won’t be, lol..

Our Christmas tree

Our singing Christmas tree

Anyways, I had the Christmas tree set up, but checked first all the lights if these were still working, unfortunately we had to discard one that we used last year on the tree and replaced it with the one we use on the window, this one is quite old but still very much in good condition. It plays Christmas medleys as it light up the tree, a two in one function. The tree is placed in the terrace, so at night when I want to relax, I just sit there, watch the twinkling lights and listen to the music, mesmerizing the joyful moments that holiday season brings from the time I was a little child and the happiness it’s giving to my children and will be giving to the children of my children and hopefully up to the next generations to come.

Listening to the Christmas carols played with roland rd 700 is also wonderful to the heart.


Singing / Reading of the Passion of Christ this Holy week


Today me and a friend was invited to join the annual ‘Pabasa’ or the reading of Passion of Christ through singing by another friend. This is their way of celebrating the Holy week, a vow they want to keep as long as they can.

photo credit:

photo credit:

Pabása ng Pasyón (Tagalog for “Reading of the Passion”), known simply as Pabása is a Catholic devotion in the Philippines popular during Holy Week involving the uninterrupted chanting of the Pasyón, an early 16th-century epic poem narrating the life, passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Readers are usually groups of individuals taking turns in chanting verses from the book known as the Pasyon, as a devotion made in fulfilment of a panatà (vow or votive offering in request or thanksgiving). The modern-day Pabasa may be chanted a capella or with the accompaniment of musical instruments such as the guitar, accordion, piano, or by a rondalla ensemble. There are two common styles of chanting, the first of which is the alternate singing of two persons or two groups of people. The second method has each chanter or group of chanters taking turns in singing the stanzas.    (source:

From our last year experience, there was a guitarist that accompanied us in singing and to keep it to be very solemn, they didn’t use a 6 channel amp only two microphones for the group and a guitar. As a Catholic attending the Pabasa is also my way of commemorating  the suffering of the Lord for the sake of mankind.

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