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Our singing Christmas tree

December is here the happiest month for me, not only because of the coming holiday season but is also my birth month which falls exactly on Christmas day. 🙂 It’s time to take out all the  decors from the storage and set it up to feel the holiday season. It was the kids who kept on insisting to start decorating as they are all the ones that are more excited, well who won’t be, lol..

Our Christmas tree

Our singing Christmas tree

Anyways, I had the Christmas tree set up, but checked first all the lights if these were still working, unfortunately we had to discard one that we used last year on the tree and replaced it with the one we use on the window, this one is quite old but still very much in good condition. It plays Christmas medleys as it light up the tree, a two in one function. The tree is placed in the terrace, so at night when I want to relax, I just sit there, watch the twinkling lights and listen to the music, mesmerizing the joyful moments that holiday season brings from the time I was a little child and the happiness it’s giving to my children and will be giving to the children of my children and hopefully up to the next generations to come.

Listening to the Christmas carols played with roland rd 700 is also wonderful to the heart.


Grandma’s Playlist to be sung by kids


eat bulaga

I was watching my favorite noontime show Eat Bulaga and glad they made a new segment called “Lola’s Playlist” (Grandma’s Playlist) a compilation of old songs to be sung by – guess who… young kids! Yup these kids will sing songs that were popular when they weren’t or even their parents were born yet. Very ingenious, I just had to congratulate the creative minds of this show’s staff. Imagine those songs were from the 50’s to 80’s and these young generation are only 12 years old and below, very different from today’s modern music they are exposed to. So exciting to watch as how these youngsters will fair and how they will render their own interpretation on their grandmas and grandpas’ songs. 🙂

Thanks to the power of videoke with or without the twenty-five by Marshall amplifier that these kids were not really alien to these kind of songs and can sing them wholeheartedly, not counting the fact they are really talented. This new segment will definitely made me glued on the monitor more.



Live Like a Millionaire. How? Just Roll It!


Know Monopoly right? If you do then you know all about how it feels how to be a millionaire every time anyone steps on your property where cash just keep coming. Well, you don’t  need to buy a board set to play this game because this game has a counterpart online and this is the JustRolit, same concept but more exciting. Download this app on your computer, register then start playing and be rich. It’s as easy as that.

Watch the video below to see how thrilling it will be.

The game is the same as its board type predecessor, where each one gets a starting amount to use for purchasing the properties. Each player rolls a dice to see where they will land and will be offered to purchase the ‘property’ they land on.

Once purchased, they will ‘own’ the lot and anyone who lands will need to ‘pay a rent’. The money paid can then be used to buy other lands or pay the rent on another player’s lot. The most sought after lot is the Festival City where everything is doubled. Meaning you get twice the amount of rent if you own it or pay double if someone else owns it.

Isn’t that exciting? I have tried RPG (role-playing game) before where you can actually get into the shoes of the character you are playing, so this game is much the same. If you are a person who loves investing then this one is for you, it will challenge your creativity and skills of acquiring more properties for future investments, then as you play along you’ll meet different players with the same passion. Of course this is where the challenge begins, as each one of you will try to outwit and out-play each other to get the biggest slice of the pie, meaning to get the most or all of the money from your opponents. The best player wins.

On this game, there are colourful avatars with special abilities to outsmart other player you can choose to represent yourself; also you can travel around the world virtually to buy premium properties and build empires. To further enhance each character’s skill, there are lucky charms and special dice to help the players to level up.

Just like the original game, a winner is declared when everyone else has declared bankruptcy. Triple Color Victory when you own three sets of blocks of the same color, Line of Victory once you own a whole side of the board, and Tourist Victory when you’ve owned all the tourist lots. Of course this requires a whole lot of strategy.




The best part of the game is to win real money with the chance to win at least P1,000 daily in the raffle from the monthly prize pool of P62,000. Then you can also qualify to join the weekly and monthly raffle over 3 months for a chance to win part of the 1 million prize pool. So you get to enjoy the game and win some REAL moolah!

Want to know how? Head on to for more details.

So if you’re game savvy then this is one you will enjoy!

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