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The Importance of Speedy Fire Damage Assessment and Repair Services


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If your home has been damaged by fire, it is important to get assistance as fast as possible. The fire, smoke, and water used to put out the flames can all play big roles in damaging your home. The longer the problems persist, the worse the damage will become. There are many types of fire damage repair services available to meet your specific needs.

Assessment of Fire Damage
Fire damage can destroy the structure of your home making it an unsafe place to be. Structural repair and cleaning may need to be done to make sure that your home is sturdy enough to be in after a fire. After this type of emergency occurs, contact a professional company that can offer fast services to secure your property and determine exactly how extensive the damage is.

Smoke Damage
Smoke is another big issue that you may have to deal with after a fire. Soot can be left all over your home. This black residue will need to be cleaned by professionals, and you will also have to have your home deodorized to get the heavy scent of smoke out.

Secondary Problems
Although fire and smoke causes many devastating issues around your property, the water that was used to extinguish the flames can also cause major problems. Water damage can damage your flooring, walls, ceiling, and all sorts of property inside of your home. On top of water damage, mold can also start to form after this type of emergency. Mold can be a serious issue that must be taken care of properly to avoid health consequences.

Fast Services
Fast services can stop problems from becoming worse. The quicker you begin the restoration process, the better. A fire has many hidden issues, so it is important to get started repairing your fire damage right away. You want to make sure that your structure is safe, have all odors removed, stop additional water damage from occurring, and prevent mold if possible.

Fire damage services should only be done by a professional company with experience and insurance. You want to have peace of mind that your repair services are being completed the right way.

From junk car-seat to terrace sofa


Can you recognized this seat? If you’re a car owner it looks very familiar to you, I’m sure. Well, this an old car seat that my husband’s friend owned. His friend’s son had a car shop repair but eventually closed, so there were some car accessories left in the shop backyard like this one lying around and candidate for rotting, so my ever recycling-enthusiast husband asked this car seat from his friend to bring home. As he was already have something in his mind on what to do with this junk. The same one he did with our DIY terrace bench.

A few days later he started assembling materials he needed. He bought woods and began constructing frame, spray-painted it black, for the arm and back-rests, he got it from our old computer chairs, so don’t be surprise if they were not of same shape. lol.. cleaned and fitted the whole car seat then added the back-rests and arm-rest last. And that’s how it looks now, it is placed in the terrace where we can sit and relax comfortably, even some friends who came by are very impressed, specially his friend that gave this junk car seat was surprised at the outcome. lol.. When it comes to furniture, I don’t need to buy online as hubby is always to the rescue.

My Calamansi tree – Urban gardening


One of the fruit and vegetable plants we have, most of them are in a container since we don’t have space for soil gardening, this is why I so envied those with bigger land with so many space to plant, lol.

Anyway, here is my Calamansi plant bearing fruits – Calamansi is a local citrus fruit abundant in tropical countries like us. It can be used as dip in different dishes, a condiment and as juice which is very good source of Vitamin C specially when you have colds. It tasted like lime, very sour with a tint of sweetness, so you need to add sugar or honey when making juice.

I love that it’s bearing fruits now, a fruit of hard work and perseverance, a labor of love.. we have three small trees, two are in a container (old pails) and the bigger one is planted directly to the soil. The two in the small containers are both dwarf variety and in just a year is already producing fruits abundantly while the big one, are just few maybe because it wasn’t old enough to bear fruits like the other two, anyway, seeing it bear fruits though not as much has made me happy as well, yey!

In the coming days because it’s their season, I’m seeing lots and lots of calamansi in my fridge and to preserve them for future use, I already exacted juices from my harvests, put in a container and stored in the freezer to prevent it from going bad. 🙂 I’m so happy right now just by looking at the pictures of our plants, all the hard work had paid off as if I’ll be shopping at the guitar center today. lol




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