Cheap durable Chopsticks


Using chopstick has been a struggle for me, I tried many times, sometimes I can and most of the times failed, lol. But even then, when I saw this set of steel chopsticks at Japan Homes store, I grabbed it quickly because I know my son will be happy to have these, as our old chopsticks are raring to be retired soon.

Bought this set  for only 88 pesos (roughly $2). It has 5 pairs and I think the price is very fair if not cheap. We had wooden chopsticks at home which my youngest son always use but already need replacements. His love for Japanese anime is what hooked him to Japanese foods and with Japanese meal you have to learn to use chopsticks 🙂 .

I think this steel or aluminum chopsticks are more durable and will last longer. Also the reason why I bought this so I can practice myself, lol (just learning to use chopsticks, even though i tried before). Yup late-bloomer here, hahaha, spoon and fork user since kid.

photo credit Shinto fb page

Here is the tutorial I’ve been practicing and hopefully mastered in no time, bear with me. lol.. Next time I will buy an epiphone sg at just in case, son will try a new hobby and get into music, right now he’s still with his transformers robot collection.




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