Retro Typewriter


Video credit: INSIDER design via Facebook

This Retro typewriter connects to a tablet, wow it’s like the classic and modern combined together in this era of technology where everything is almost possible.

I still remember my college years (yep, I’m old-school, lol) and having to punched each keys when doing my assignments then in our manual typewriter, we can’t afford the electric typewriter :). The sound “takatakatak” it produced in the middle of the night when I was hurrying to finish the project to be submitted on the next day but didn’t want to wake up everybody that were already asleep. And when accidentally punched a wrong letter, there’s a white ink or eraser to cover it up, then punch the right key, whewww.. hahaha, good o’l days!

Wishing to get this new keyboard/typewriter for old time’s sake, lol and of course it’s easier now to use that the classic one..

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