Preparing Kids for a Shopping Trip

shopping with kids

A shopping trip can be a fun experience for both the parent and the child. However, it can also turn into a nightmare once your child becomes cranky or starts throwing a tantrum. This scenario can be avoided with a bit of planning and shopping pep talk with your child. The first step is to plan the shopping schedule and itinerary. Make sure that the trip doesn’t coincide with a young child’s nap time or snack time. A hungry and sleepy child can easily get cranky in the middle of your shopping trip. Once the schedule is set, discuss your itinerary with the child and set some basic shopping rules like what they may or may not buy. For example, if you are shopping for school play costumes then the guitar from musciansfriend would have to wait until the next shopping schedule. Laying down the rules and prepping young kids for a shopping trip is one of the best ways to prevent a shopping disaster.

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