Being in the Dog House Never Looked So Good

If you’re planning on remodeling your home, you might want to take a look at luxury dog houses for inspiration rather than flipping through magazines or driving around the neighborhood. You can switch up the doors, the windows, the paint, all of your furniture pieces, and everything else in your home and it still won’t look as decadent and luxurious as some of these high quality dog homes.

Paris Hilton doghouse - taken from the net

Paris Hilton doghouse – taken from the net

Spanish Flavor

The next time you’re in Los Angeles, keep your eyes open for a $30,000 luxury dog house that looks like a miniaturized hacienda. This particular selection has been custom fitted from top to bottom, featuring a red-clay tiled roof and a terra cotta floor. The dog mansion also has its own form of air conditioning thanks to the tiled lounge space that keeps things cool during those hot California days. You’ll wish that you were small enough to fit through the door to take a tour.

Modern Design

 Fans of Bauhaus architectural sensibilities will enjoy how this particular dog house was perfectly personalized for a lucky pooch. The result is a splendid dog house made with seamless lines and simple to clean and durable materials perfect for rowdy dogs. There’s even a skylight for basking and a Plexiglass front wall that lets the dog stay protected from the elements while relaxing inside.

Victorian Vigor

 If you’ve got $20,000 to spare for the special four-legged friend in your life, think about building them a Victorian-style home. This particular house is big enough for three dogs and is a smaller version of the owner’s home. The story behind the home is that the owner had it built after an owl swooped down and attempted to take one of her Pomeranians. One nice touch with this particular luxury dog house is that it’s large enough for the owner to fit into.

If you’re lucky enough to take a peek inside the mini Victorian marvel, you’re sure to be impressed with the hardwood floors, posh dog beds, and custom made vaulted ceilings and curtains and wallpaper. There’s even a white picket fence that runs around the home.

Prince Paws

If you’ve never seen the Taj Mahal, you can build a smaller version of it for your dog for $40,000. Your dog will enjoy a fully customizable interior and exterior. If you have a particularly rowdy or rough dog, you’ll be glad to learn that the doggie Taj Mahal is built to last.

Even if you can’t afford to build your dog a sumptuously appointed dog house, the both of you can at least dream about it.

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