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When I found out I was to be a mother it was truly one of the best days of my life. I don’t think anyone can explain the feeling of finding out that you are going to be a parent. There seems to be an instant motherly instinct to look after your kids and try and guide them in the right direction in life.  I try and ensure that I give my children the best possible chances in life. I do however worry; I worry about their health and happiness. If I could I would personally wrap them up in bubble wrap to avoid any injuries or accidents. This obviously cannot happen (as much as I would like it).

I do however worry about how much I provide for my family. I work which is enough to ensure that the bills are paid and that there is always food on the table. I worry about taking time off sick, this is as who would provide for my kids?

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My friend found herself in this very situation, she took time off work and was only entitled to basic sick pay, this was not enough to pay bills and provide for her family. I told her to contact a company such as first4lawyers. In her case she had an accident in the workplace which was not her fault.

First4lawyers offer work place accident claims. This could have improved her personal finance which could have paid bills and ensured that her family finances do not suffer because of this.

Most compensation companies offer this service at on a no win no fee basis so your finances can only benefit from their service.  I know as a mother I would do anything to ensure the best for my kids and company’s such as this can offer me that piece of mind when it comes to workplace accidents.

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