Beautiful Bedrooms and Bathrooms

There’s often a tendency to focus on decorating the living room and family room since that’s where you are most likely to entertain guests but the reality is that when you live in a home the bedrooms and bathrooms see more use than perhaps any other rooms in the house. It’s easy to create a beautiful bedroom with toile print bedding or a fantastic looking and exceptionally functional bathroom with the installation of a modern bathroom vanity and medicine cabinets; these are the sorts of home improvements you can do yourself without the help of a professional.

If the prospect of taking on a home decor project without the help of a professional seems a bit daunting there’s no need to worry. It’s easy when you browse online for ideas and inspiration. A bedroom is a great place to begin to try out your design skills because you can change the look of a room in minutes with a new bed ensemble. Most bed ensembles consist of a bed skirt, a comforter or quilt and some decorative pillows shams; they may not match precisely but are designed to coordinate perfectly.

Many of the larger companies offer complete room collections – Croscill® is known for the concept of total home décor – you can start out with a few pieces and add additional ones as time and budget permits. With a Croscill® collection it’s possible to outfit a bedroom and bathroom with both soft goods like bedding and towels to hard goods such as waste baskets and tissue holders so when it is all done the effect is coordinated and professional looking.

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One thought on “Beautiful Bedrooms and Bathrooms

  1. Jeni

    Yes it’s true that it should be the bedrooms and the bathrooms we should be focusing on. They are the places where we feel perfectly relaxed and comfortable. 🙂 Visit Pixografx Philippines for customized bedframes and other home decors. 🙂

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