Peak District Cottages: The Perfect Setting For Your Countryside Vacation

If you are tired of the urban lifestyle and are willing to rough it up in rural countryside, then it is time for you to book your vacation in Peak District cottages. These rustic locations provide you with the ambiance that you need to relax your mind and body while keeping you within arm’s reach of the modern amenities you are accustomed to. Give your body a break from the smog and noise and head on out to one of England’s premier scenic vacation destinations. A hilly expanse with steep rises, the Peak District transports you to a picturesque haven perfect for your much-needed holiday.

The best time to enjoy Peak District Holidays is during the fine-weather months when clear skies and comfortable temperatures make it enjoyable to walk through the footpaths criss-crossing the district. Vacationers would be able to step off the footpaths to explore areas designated as Access Land where wildlife and rare fauna can be seen. Also worth exploring within the District is the locale’s first national park which carries the same name. The more adventurous can go for more than just a stroll and hike through the trails leading to the White Peak and the Dark Peak.

Your Peak District holidays will not be complete without having your fill of the famous almonds-and-eggs Bakewell Pudding and the locally-bred Derbyshire Lamb served up in most Peak District restaurants. Though Peak District cottages are often tucked away in rural surroundings; those who are looking for a taste of the nightlife merely need to make a short trip down to the roadside pubs offering a venue to cap your day off. If you have a little bit of cash left to spare, you might be interested in getting some Blue John jewelry made of a purple-colored mineral that is only found in the mines of Peak District. This would make a wonderful memento for your holiday at the Peak District.


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2 thoughts on “Peak District Cottages: The Perfect Setting For Your Countryside Vacation

  1. jared's mum

    i am soooo longing for a vacation, nothing really fancy, just somewhere i can take a well-deserved break, for a day or two, that has a breath-taking view of the beach, the mountains + the sand. 🙂

    a vacation at the Peak district is out of the question for me, I can hardly afford a fare to Mindanao, how much more a plane ticket to the UK! 🙂

  2. joy

    England is one of the beautiful places I’ve ever seen, they have maintained the beauty of their country side tourist attractions plus the people there are accomodating too

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