Bingo Evolution


What used to be a country fair game and church fund raising game played by churchgoers and townsfolk has become a fun, animated and modern game that everybody enjoys. It’s no longer a plain Bingo game, card variations and catchy game titles like Nutty bingo, Diva Bingo, Gala Bingo, Love Bingo, and Mecca Bingo add pizzaz to this leisurely game of chance.
Bingo games are still popular fund raisers for religious and charitable causes. Through the years, the game’s popularity extended to family gatherings, town fiestas, and other social occasions that call for fun games and activities. It has also become a very lucrative business leading to the establishment of Bingo Halls, Bingo arcades and online Bingo.
The 6,000 unique bingo cards invented by Carl Leffler during the 1930’s is just the tip of the Bingo iceberg. The exponential growth of Bingo card variations has erupted into billions of possible combinations which is more than enough to accommodate the demand of bingo fans. Game combinations and mechanics also evolved into more modern and diverse variations that can fit the personality and preference of the players.
The traditional bingo games of the 1930’s are now referred to as granny bingo. New variations of the game offer fast paced and challenging mechanics that make for a heart pumping and thrilling game that challenges your reflexes and hand eye coordination in marking your cards.
Online games on the other hand are more appealing to the young ones and the young at heart. The colorful graphics, multiple games, automatic markings, and great jackpot prizes make online games more interesting for the players. It also allows players from any part of the world to socialize and interact through their chat rooms. You also have the option to play for fun or for money.
The most recent Bingo evolution can be found in Television. The US, UK and Canada have live Bingo games where players can participate in the games through telephone registration.

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14 thoughts on “Bingo Evolution

  1. Cielo

    I love it when it is played to raise fund but I hate bingo when it is placed by people who while away there time while doing nothing, when in fact they can be product.

    Oh and BTW, I miss U Ate Jo.

  2. Sumi

    We used to have a bingo set at home and my family and relatives would play bingo during family gatherings.. haha.. I miss the old days. I’ve never tried playing it though.. ^^

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