Tattoos anyone?

Hey, look at these photos, these are my two boys, showing-off their tattoos but don’t be fooled by them these are not permanent inked tattoos, they just used Henna dye color and these tattoos will lasts the most for two weeks, they just want to experienced it for a while…LOL… since they don’t really want a real tattoo to their body, for my younger son he got it while it was still their school sem-break coz it is prohibited for them to have a tattoo showing outside their school uniform even if it just temporary. It was his kuya (elder brother) who did the design and tattooed both of them.

This Henna Tattoo is now very popular among young people here in the Philippines during summer and vacation time just for fun, since we are still very conservative when it comes to piercing and tattooing our bodies, only very few made those permanent tattoos.

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