A day in a garden

My hubby visited a friend in the province of Laguna, where they maintain a beautiful garden and plant nursery, they breed and sell different kinds of plant, there are indoor and outdoor plants, some of them are rare that can fetch high prices.

They don’t use soil, but instead they used wood dusts and burned rice casings or ipa in Filipino, and pig manure as fertilizer.

They also have two fish ponds that have different Koi fishes for pets.
The place is surrounded by trees and plants and even if the weather is hot, the place remain cool and the air is fresh.
We are living in the city that hot weather and pollution is a common thing, and going to a place like this is a refreshing experience. They were very kind and hospitable, they even gave my hubby beautiful plants to take home, so right now we are arranging some of the plants they gave us, that even if we are here in the city, we can also have a small garden of our own and contribute a little to clean the air and to make our small place relaxing.

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