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I was watching my favorite noontime show Eat Bulaga and glad they made a new segment called “Lola’s Playlist” (Grandma’s Playlist) a compilation of old songs to be sung by – guess who… young kids! Yup these kids will sing songs that were popular when they weren’t or even their parents were born yet. Very ingenious, I just had to congratulate the creative minds of this show’s staff. Imagine those songs were from the 50’s to 80’s and these young generation are only 12 years old and below, very different from today’s modern music they are exposed to. So exciting to watch as how these youngsters will fair and how they will render their own interpretation on their grandmas and grandpas’ songs. 🙂

Thanks to the power of videoke with or without the twenty-five by Marshall amplifier that these kids were not really alien to these kind of songs and can sing them wholeheartedly, not counting the fact they are really talented. This new segment will definitely made me glued on the monitor more.



Top 3 Employers in and Around Seattle

When you’re not relocating for work, it’s easy to forget how important finding a job is immediately after you move to a new location. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving across the country or an hour from your current residence; you’ll want to begin seeking out job opportunities right away so that you can successfully maintain your lifestyle. If you’ve decided to begin the move into some of the available Seattle condos, it’s time to take a look at some of the biggest names in the country that have their own home bases in the city — and may be worth applying at.



Amazon is one of the most popular and prominent businesses not only in the United States, but all over the world. Because the company is so big, there are numerous job opportunities for all different kinds of people. The job availability may be limited, so it can be helpful to start looking online at some of the positions that may be suitable for you. With a company like Amazon, you have a good chance of not only staying at a job you enjoy, but moving on to other positions within the company.



Boeing Everett Factory, although not located directly in Seattle, is also located in Washington. The assembly building is owned by the company Boeing and is where several models of Boeing airplanes are assembled. This job opportunity can be new and exciting for anyone who is interested in airplanes, and even without an interest in aviation, you can still enjoy the history of where you work.



What better way to express your love for coffee than by working at the headquarters of one of your favorite coffee brands? Starbucks headquarters is located in Seattle and, for anyone interested in seeking out a corporate career, can be a great place to begin searching. More information about the company and their available job opportunities can be found on their website.


Acer Inc. President and CEO is pointing at the idea of Acer undergoing transformation, how it began as a PC company and now offers from 1 inch to 100 inch products, not just software and services but practically everything centered on innovation. It’s all about making people feel great through excitement and innovation, starting by creating ideas then creating the excitement to keep the continuous growth of the industry.

First Rain in Summer

summerrain Yes, finally after months of no rain and dry spell, rain came suddenly this very hot afternoon, a big respite even for a short of period of time, the temperature cooled down a bit and all the plants rejoiced at the taste of cool water showering on them. summerrain2 But it’s not only the plants rejoicing but the kids nevertheless, they all came out to bathe and play in the rain. All the happy faces as they ran all over, stomping their feet on the gushing rain water on the street. Precious moments that money can’t buy. summerrain3 However as soon as the rain stopped, sunlight showed up with its hot fury as if nothing happened leaving as all soaked again with sweat, ouch.. El Niño, Global warming and climate change you did it again… 🙁

Fire Prevention and Safety Reminders


In our country, March is Fire Prevention Month since this is the month where most fire incidents occur. People are advised to keep their homes and properties safe. On the start of the month alone almost everyday there are reported cases of fire incidents from different places, not only on residential areas but also on forests, where grass fires turned into forest fires, affecting wildlife and agriculture products.

This is cause by the heat brought by summer and the effect of the El Niño phenomenon where the land dry out due to shortage of water supply with very little or no rain at all. Our firefighters are busy doing their job and always on the high alert level, they risk their limbs and lives just to make sure the fire will be put off and no casualties as possible, they deserved to be given Joy Jewelers firefighter jewelry for doing their job without any hesitance for their safety.

Here are some tips to keep your home and family safe from fire:

Fire prevention tips

And when you are in a dangerous situation, Fire safety do’s and dont’s:

safety tips

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