How to keep clothes still smelling fresh despite the rain


What will you do if it’s raining cats and dogs outside, and your laundry is dripping wet because your drier broke down and you have no way of drying them but by just wringing with your bare hands?

Very unfortunate that my drier broke down and it’s rainy season, my problem is how to keep the clothes dry and smell good without the help of the heat of the sun. I cannot hang them outside due to rain and because these were not dried completely and I cannot wring tightly  with my hands, my fear was they could smell mouldy even if I use fabric conditioner to keep them fresh-smelling.  🙁

Though I have heard about  the many uses of  vinegar and one of them is keeping laundry  smelling fresh, in the back of mind I was still hesitant if the sour smell will not stay on the fabric. Then a friend posted in one of our moms’ group about her experience using vinegar, so why not give it try, when your desperate, you will try anything, lol. And yes, it worked though I still add Downy fabric conditioner just to be sure, the clothes are more softer to touch and in my experience it kept the fragrance of the conditioner longer.

I add half amount of vinegar to the whole amount of the fabric conditioner (e.g. for every 1/4 cap of conditioner is 1/8 of vinegar). My washing machine capacity is 10 kilos but I just use the bottle cap of the fabcon for measurement. Since I don’t have budget yet to buy a new drier, this will be my laundry friend for a while or maybe from now on. 🙂

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Cheap durable Chopsticks


Using chopstick has been a struggle for me, I tried many times, sometimes I can and most of the times failed, lol. But even then, when I saw this set of steel chopsticks at Japan Homes store, I grabbed it quickly because I know my son will be happy to have these, as our old chopsticks are raring to be retired soon.

Bought this set  for only 88 pesos (roughly $2). It has 5 pairs and I think the price is very fair if not cheap. We had wooden chopsticks at home which my youngest son always use but already need replacements. His love for Japanese anime is what hooked him to Japanese foods and with Japanese meal you have to learn to use chopsticks 🙂 .

I think this steel or aluminum chopsticks are more durable and will last longer. Also the reason why I bought this so I can practice myself, lol (just learning to use chopsticks, even though i tried before). Yup late-bloomer here, hahaha, spoon and fork user since kid.

photo credit Shinto fb page

Here is the tutorial I’ve been practicing and hopefully mastered in no time, bear with me. lol.. Next time I will buy an epiphone sg at just in case, son will try a new hobby and get into music, right now he’s still with his transformers robot collection.




Retro Typewriter


Video credit: INSIDER design via Facebook

This Retro typewriter connects to a tablet, wow it’s like the classic and modern combined together in this era of technology where everything is almost possible.

I still remember my college years (yep, I’m old-school, lol) and having to punched each keys when doing my assignments then in our manual typewriter, we can’t afford the electric typewriter :). The sound “takatakatak” it produced in the middle of the night when I was hurrying to finish the project to be submitted on the next day but didn’t want to wake up everybody that were already asleep. And when accidentally punched a wrong letter, there’s a white ink or eraser to cover it up, then punch the right key, whewww.. hahaha, good o’l days!

Wishing to get this new keyboard/typewriter for old time’s sake, lol and of course it’s easier now to use that the classic one..

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