Online Marketing and Advertising Strategy



With the advent of online advertising, it became more practical and most common type of marketing and promotion strategy. Business and company owners are aware of this, so besides having the traditional media, they also get the services of online advertising agency to promote their products and services. Having said that, Triangle Direct Media is an Internet marketing agency headquartered in Cary, North Carolina. Their expertise is to drive traffic to online businesses as well as improve different companies’ social reach, founded in 2006 and still going strong, is a solid proof of expertise of the company, making them one of the most trusted and reliable online marketing agency.


The Dangers of Oxybenzone


Image courtesy of Yongkiet at

Image courtesy of Yongkiet at

Everybody knows that protecting your skin against the harmful rays of the sun is an important aspect of enjoying summertime fun. But most people do not know that the very sunscreen they are applying all over their bodies may be just as dangerous as the ultraviolet rays from which they are trying to protect themselves.

One of the main ingredients in mainstream sunscreen is a chemical called oxybenzone. This chemical additive is placed in sunscreen to convert UV rays. However, it has been linked to causing endometriosis in women, a condition that occurs from abnormal uterine tissue growth. The growth is fed by oxybenzone because it mimics the hormone estrogen. It also mimics other hormones that are prevalent in the human endocrine system.

When artificial chemicals begin to mimic natural hormones, this causes a disruption in the hormonal activity. Some in the medical community claim that oxybenzone may even cause undesirable thyroid activity and fluctuations in testosterone production. When tests were conducted on random volunteers who were frequent users of sunscreen, the chemical was found in 100 percent of the volunteers’ urine samples. The highest concentrations were found during the months of July and August.

In addition to hormone disruption, some users of sunscreen with the harmful ingredient have reported severe allergic reactions on the skin and a decline in immune system function after the lotion has been applied. This occurred in users of all ages. This was doubly concerning as oxybenzone is suspected of accumulating over time in the body of those who use products containing it.

With all the potential side effects concerning this questionable chemical, you may be left wondering where to find the best sunscreen without oxybenzone. Companies like Rocky Mountain Sunscreen make products that are 100% free of oxybenzone and PABAs. When choosing a more natural sunscreen, you should also look for lotions that are labeled broad spectrum, as these block not only UVA rays but also UVB rays. These sunscreen products will provide the highest amount of protection without the possible harmful side effects of more mainstream and conventional choices.

Brain Exercise



There is no way we can stop our body to grow old, the only thing we can do is to make it healthy through good food and regular exercise, but it’s not only our body to take care of but also our brain, as any part of the body it also deteriorates as we get older if not used as much as when we were younger. Inactive brain cells could lead to dementia and later on Alzheimer disease :

Alzheimer’s is caused by brain cell death. It is a neurodegenerative disease, which means there is progressive brain cell death that happens over a course of time. The total brain size shrinks with Alzheimer’s – the tissue has progressively fewer nerve cells and connections.

I have friends who have parents that have Alzheimer’s and even my aunt is also suffering from this disease, which is an eye-opener for me as this could also happen to me if I don’t take the early step to prevent it, I heard from a doctor’s advice that this disease can be prevented through brain exercises besides of course good diet, this could be in the form of reading regularly or play games that use mental simulation, this way the brain cells will be activated. One game I found online is the all time favorite board game that is scrabble, an app that can be downloaded on your smart phone and let’s you play anytime, anywhere. You can choose to play with your Facebook friends or single play against the computer. I find it very challenging and knowledgeable by learning new words I haven’t heard or read before, squeezing my brain juice to play better every time, lol. Always looking forward for a countdown to see if I fair better than the last.

Oh how I miss the days when we played this board game at home with my father and siblings during weekends, our bonding time when technology haven’t conquered our world yet. 🙁


How to Stay Safe While Playing Sports


Image courtesy of nitinut at

Image courtesy of nitinut at

Some parents feel a little bit hesitant when their kids start talking about playing football or other sports while in school. Of course, they want their kids to have fun with others and get benefits that come from playing sports, like exercise and learning how to work as a team. However, the reason why they feel hesitant is because they do not want their kids to get hurt. They know that some sports injuries are so serious that they can either be fatal or affect the child for the rest of their life. The following tips can help kids stay safe while playing sports.

The very first thing parents want to do is teach their children how to use the protective gear that is available while they play sports. They need to help their children understand how important this protective gear is and how to use it. Helmets are one of the most common pieces of protective gear that children and adults can use while playing sports. They are used while playing baseball, hockey, football, and even while riding a skateboard. The helmet should fit properly. Other pieces of safety gear include pads, eye protection, mouth guards, and knee guards.

The next step is to warm up. Children should understand that it is not a good idea to just run out on the field and begin to play. They need to stretch and warm up their body in order to loosen up and be ready to play the game.

It is also important for your children to understand the rules of the game. Many injuries happen because rules are broken or they are not fully understood. Rules in games have been put in place in order to protect the players and should be followed at all times.

If your child is injured while playing a sport, it is important to help them get the medical attention they need right away. Do not think that they will just simply walk off the injury or it will go away on its own. Some things like a twisted ankle may simply need an ice pack. However, if it is more serious, getting the right medical care is key in helping the injury to heal properly. It may be necessary for your children or teenagers to need sports physical therapy of New York in order to completely heal.

Harvests from our Urban Garden

Urban Garden

Everything is possible when you put your heart into it.

We have a small vacant area in our yard and hubby is very much into gardening as his hobby. He loves to plant veggies and small fruit-bearing trees. We didn’t have a big place or wide areas with soil, mostly were cemented floors. So no other choice but to use containers or big pots in our front and backyard. He also used the vacant lot with the permission of the homeowners’ officers in the covered basketball court just in front of our house. He makes plots for his plants and when harvest time, gives some to people in the neighborhood.


Here are some of the vegetables and fruits we have harvested, his favorite is ampalaya (bitter gourd) while mine is the honey melon which I made into a refreshing drinks on my kitchen blog. 🙂  Aside from the produce above, we also have okra, radish, finger chili, bell pepper, onion springs , pechay (bokchoy), siling labuyo.

Even if we didn’t have the big space we want, we made it possible to produce the food we love, not only it saves us some money but we are sure that all we eat are organic as we didn’t use any chemicals as fertilizers or insecticides which we cannot say about the food we buy in the market today. Plus the joy we felt when we reap the fruit of our labor.


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